Accounting and bookkeeping services

• Keeping basic business books (general ledger)
•Keeping of auxiliary books and analytical records (fixed assets, records of receivables and liabilities, ...)
• Compilation of the annual report and monthly reports as required by the client
•Preparation of other reports prescribed by law (for BS, SORS, ZPIZ,…)
• Accounting consulting
• Participation in audits and inspections,….
• Payroll

Administrative services

• Invoicing
• Preparation of travel orders
• Scanning documentation
• Receiving mail

Financial consulting

• Execution of payment transactions
• Daily updating of receivables and liabilities
• Arranging credit transactions with business ones
banks, leasing companies, ..
• Assistance in obtaining new loans

Digital services

• Remote access and use to all VASCOs
programs on our server
• Providing an electronic archive of everything
• We use reliable computers
• We provide appropriate technological support


Tax advice

• We represent clients before the tax authorities
• Preparation of tax returns (VAT, DDPO, calculation of advance payment of personal income tax on business income)
• Assistance with tax return
• Resolving tax dilemmas


Tax consulting is a part of everyday work, as it is involved in all activities within accounting, bookkeeping and other activities performed by our service.


We are aware that proper tax advice is very important to avoid unnecessary business complications, so we also work with a permanent external tax advisor.

Where you find us

Cesta Zore Perello Godina 2
6000 Koper

Office hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 15:00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays closed